Brian Jackson

Brian Jackson

Lt. Brian Jackson (Ret.)  – Instructor – Firearms – Brian is a veteran Police Officer and Firearms Instructor for the NYPD. With over 25 years of experience from the NYPD and Captain of the NYPD shooting team Brian’s extensive experience on the range and the streets provides students with the expert knowledge they are looking for.



NRA Instructor/RSO Credentials

NRA Home Firearm Safety Instructor

NRA Basic Pistol Instructor

NRA Basic Rifle Instructor

NRA Basic Shotgun Instructor

NRA Basic Personal Protection Inside the Home Instructor

NRA Basic Personal Protection Outside the Home Instructor

Range Safety Officer


Certified NRA Law Enforcement Credentials

Certified Law Enforcement Tactical Shooting Instructor



LE-Related Credentials

– Basic Course for Police Officers (NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services, Municipal Police Training Council)

– Initial Firearms and Deadly Physical Force (NYS DCJS MPTC)

– Initial Other Weapons and Deadly Physical Force – Baton

– Initial Other Weapons and Deadly Physical Force – Aerosol Subject Restraint

– Introduction to Incident Command System (IS100)

– ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents (IS200)

– National Incident Management System, an Introduction (IS700)

– Active Shooter Instructor – Alerrt


Other Credentials

– First Aid CP and AED Instructor – American Red Cross

– Sabre Civilian Pepper Spray Instructor

– NYS Armed Guard License


Professional Organization Memberships

– International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (IALEFI) – Active Member


Second Amendment Organization Memberships

– National Rifle Association (NRA) (life)

– Second Amendment Foundation (SAF)

– New York State Rifle and Pistol Association (NYSRPA)

– Shooters’ Committee on Political Education (SCOPE)